Online learning

Hard-hitting as it would be to train thousands of your people face-to-face to the same high standard on a regular basis, it’s not really practical.

And that’s where online integrity training tools – videos, webinars and e-learning - play a vital role, getting your staff regularly, and globally, with key reminders and messages.

At Lessons Learned, we have a rich cache of online content, adaptable to your needs and ready to go. For the full library, review our brochure here. But as a quick sample, take a look at the below.


Tailor made video and online programmes:

We also create tailor-made video-based and other online programmes specifically for you and your organisation.

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2 Minute Reminders:

From one of our Middle East AML programs – recurring errors in the customer on boarding process are highlighted with (fake!) CCTV footage.

3 Minute Flashbacks:

From one of our AML e-learning programmes - the warning signs of “smurfing” (a method of depositing criminally derived cash) are explained in this reconstructed staff interview

6 Minute Scenarios:

From one of our Anti – Bribery programmes - a typical airport shakedown by customs staff looking for an illegal payment is recounted by an employee and her boss